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Sunday Messages for 2024 and more
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2024 Msgs Jun  gs240602.mp3   gs240609.mp3  gs240616.mp3  gs240623.mp3  gs240630.mp3  

2024 Msgs May gs240505.mp3   gs240512.mp3   gs240519.mp3   gs240526.mp3  gs240529.mp3 <Song of Solomon
2024 Msgs Apri  gs240407.mp3  
gs240414.mp3  gs240421.mp3  gs240428.mp3  
2024 Msgs Mar gs240303.mp3  
gs240310.mp3  gs240317.mp3  gs240324.mp3  gs240331.mp3  
2024 Msgs Feb gs240204.mp3  
gs240211.mp3  gs240218.mp3   gs240225.mp3  
Corrected Chart  The Origin and Growth of the English Bible CorrectChart.jpg  Corrections.jpg  VidoeLecture  
2024 Msgs Jan  gs240107.m4a  gs240114.m4a  gs240121.mp3  gs240128.mp3  
2023 Msgs Dec
gs231203.mp3  gs231210.mp3  gs231217.mp3  gs231224.mp3  gs231231.mp3  
2023 Msgs Nov gs231105.mp3  
gs231112.mp3  gs231119.mp3  gs231126.mp3  
2023 Msgs Oct gs231001.mp3  
gs231008.mp3 gs231009.mp3  gs231015.mp3 gs231016.mp3  gs231022.mp3  gs231029.mp3  
   Evang Fielder
gs231029ss.mp3  gs231029pm.mp3  gs231030.mp3 gs231031.mp3  gs231101.mp3   
2023 Msgs Sep gs230903.mp3 
gs230910.mp3  gs230910pm.mp3  gs230917.mp3  gs230924.mp3  
   Evang Bennett gs230911.mp3  
gs230913.mp3  gs230914.mp3  
2023 Msgs Aug gs230806.mp3 
gs230806pm.mp3  gs230813.mp3  gs230820.mp3  gs230827.mp3  
 Evang Patterson 
 gs230807.mp3  gs230808.mp3  gs230809.mp3  gs230810.mp3  gs230811.mp3  
2023 Msgs July gs230702.mp3  
gs230709.mp3  gs230716.mp3  gs230723.mp3  gs230730.mp3  
2023 Msgs June gs230604.mp3  
gs230611.mp3  gs230618.mp3  gs230625.mp3  
2023 Msgs May  gs230507.mp3  gs230514.mp3  gs230521.mps  gs230528.mp3  
2023 Messages Apr  gs230402.mp3  
gs230409.mp3  gs230416.mp3  gs230423.mp3  gs230430.mp3   
2023 Messages Mar gs230305.mp3  
gs230312.mp3  gs230319.mp3  gs230326.mp3  
2023 Messages Feb gs230205.mp3  
gs230212.mp3  gs230219.mp3  gs230226.mp3  
2023 Messages Jan  gs230101.mp3  
gs230108.mp3  gs230115.mp3  gs230122.mp3  gs101107.mp3  (Joseph)

2022 Messages Dec gs221204.mp3  gs221211.mp3  gs221218.mp3  gs221225.mp3  
2022 Messages Nov  gs221106.mp3  gs221113.mp3  gs221120.mps  gs221127.mp3
2022 Messages Oct  gs221002.mp3  
gs221009.mp3  gs221016.mp3  gs221023.mp3  gs221030.mp3 
    Evang Bennett Mtgs  
gs221007.mp3  gs221008.mp3  gs221009pma.mp3  gs221009pmb.mp3  
2022 Messages Sep  gs220904.mp3  
gs220911.mp3  gs220918.mp3  gs220925.mp3
2022 Messages Aug gs220807.mp3  
gs220807pm.mp3   gs220814.mp3  gs220821.mp3  gs220828.mp3  
    Evang Patterson Mtgs  gs220808.mp3  gs220809.mp3  gs220810.mp3  gs220811.mp3  gs22012.mp3  
2022 Messages July gs220703.mp3  
gs220710.mp3  gs220717.mp3  gs220724.mp3  
    Evang Fielder Mtgs  gs220718.mp3  gs220719ama.mp3  gs220719amb.mp3  gs220719.mp3  gs220720.mp3  
2022 Messages June gs220605.mp3  
gs220612.mp3  gs220619.mp3  gs220626.mp3  
2022 Messages May gs220501.mp3  
gs220508.mp3  gs220515.mp3  gs220522.mp3  gs220529.mp3  
2022 Messages Apr gs220403.mp3  
gs220410.mp3  gs220417.mp3  gs220424.mp3  
2022 Messages Mar gs220306.mp3  
gs220313.mp3  gs220320.mp3  gs220327.mp3 
2022 Messages Feb  gs220206.mp3  
gs220213.mp3  gs220220.mp3  gs220227.mp3 
2022 Messages Jan  gs220109.mp3  gs220116.mp3  gs220123.mp3 gs220130.mp3

2021 Messages Dec gs211205.mp3  gs211212.mp3  gs211219.mp3  gs211226.mp3
2021 Messages Nov gs211107.mp3  gs211114.mp3  
gs211121.mp3  gs211128.mp3
2021 Messages Oct gs211003.mp3  
gs211010.mp3  gs211017.mp3   gs211024.mp3   gs211031.mp3  
 - - - - - - - - - - - - Revival Mtgs gs211024pm.mp3   gs211025.mp3  
gs211026.mp3   gs211027.mp3 
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -  . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    Revival . . . . . . . . . . .World 
. . . . . . . . . . .Flesh . . . . . . . . . . .Devil
2021 Messages Sep gs210905.mp3   gs210905pm.mp3  
gs210912.mp3   gs210919.mp3   gs210926.mp3   
2021 Messages Aug gs210801.mp3   gs210808.mp3  
gs210815.mp3   gs210822.mp3   gs210829.mp3   
 - - - - - - - - Revival
gs210815.mp3   gs210815pm.mp3   gs210817.mp3   gs210818.mp3   gs210819.mp3  gs210820.mp3  
-  Evang Patterson  Acts 1:8 Power       Col 3 Seek Holiness        Tue Wherein?        Wed Revivable?   Thr Sins R Gone     Fri Faith Promise 

2021 Messages July gs210704.mp3   gs210711.mp3  
gs210718.mp3   gs210725.mp3   
2021 Messages Jun gs210606.mp3      gs210608.mp3  
gs210613.mp3   gs210620.mp3   gs210627.mp3  
- - - - - - - June pm  
gs210606pm.mp3  gs210609.mp3    gs210613.m4a  gs210620.m4a   gs210627.m4a  
- - - - - - -                Evang Gerald Fielder   
Evang Fielder Tue Wed  9 Blessed Rs IVa       9 Blessed Rs IVb            
2021 Messages May gs210502.mp3   gs210509.mp3  gs210516.mp3   gs210523.mp3   gs210530.mp3  
 - - - - - - -   May pm 
gs210502.m4a   gs210509.m4a  gs210516.m4a   gs210523.m4a   gs210530.m4a 
 - - - - - - - - -                     9 Blessed Rs IIa           9 Blessed Rs IIb      9 Blessed Rs IIIa          9 Blessed Rs IIIb     9 Blessed Rs IIIc  
2021 Messages April gs210404.mp3  gs210411.mp3   gs210418.mp3   gs210425.mp3  
- - - - - - - April pm  
gs210404.m4a    gs210418.m4a   gs210425.m4a  

 - - - - - - - - -                     Easter Timing              Tabernacle 104           9 Blessed Rs      
    2021 Messages Mar gs210307.mp3  gs210314.mp3  gs210321.mp3 gs210328.mp3  
- - - - - - - - - Mar pm   gs210307.m4a  gs210314.m4a  gs210321.m4a gs210328.m4a  
                                     Tabernacle 101     Tabernacle 102    Tabernacle 103   Palm Sunday Timing
2021 Messages Feb gs210207.mp3  gs210214.mp3  gs210221.mp3 gs210228.mp3  
- - - - - - - - - Feb pm   gs210207.m4a  gs210214.m4a  gs210221.m4a gs210228.m4a   
                                     Stress Mngmnt     Valentines Day     Valentines II      End Times Sequence    
2021 Messages Jan gs210103.m4a  gs210110.m4a  gs210117.mp3  gs210124.mp3  gs210131.mp3
- - - - - - - - Jan pm  gs210103.m4a  gs210110.m4a  gs210117.m4a  gs210124.m4a  gs210131.m4a  

2020 Messages by Dates (gsYrMoDa.mp3)
May gs200503.mp3 gs200510.mp3 gs200517.mp3 gs200524.mp3

  bulletin bul200503.pdf bul200510.pdf bul200517.pdf bul200524.pdf   bul200531.pdf  

    Wed Prayer  gs200506.mp3 gs2005013.mp3  gs200520.mp3  gs200527.mp3  

Jun  gs200607.mp3 gs200614.mp3 gs200621.mp3 gs200628.mp3  

    bulletin bul200607.pdf  bul200614.pdf  bul200621.pdf bul200628.pdf  

       Wed Prayer gs200603.mp3 gs200610.mp3 gs200617.mp3 gs200624.mp3  

Jul gs200705.mp3 gs200712.mp3 gs200719.mp3 gs200726.mp3  

    bulletin bul200705.pdf  bul200712.pdf  bul200719.pdf bul200726.pdf  

       Wed Prayer gs200708.mp3 gs200715.mp3 gs200722.mp3 gs200729.mp3  

Aug gs200802.mp3 gs200809.mp3 gs200816.mp3 gs200823.mp3  gs200830.mp3   

Revival gs200809pm.mp3  gs200810.mp3  gs200811.mp3  gs200812.mp3  gs200813.mp3  gs200814.mp3  

Sep  gs200906.mp3 gs200913.mp3 gs200920.mp3 gs200927.mp3    

Oct gs201004.mp3 gs201011.mp3 gs201018.mp3 gs201025.mp3  

Nov gs201101.mp3 gs201108.mp3 gs201115.mp3 gs201122.mp3 gs201129.mp3   

Dec gs201206.mp3 gs201213.mp3 gs201220.m4a gs201227.m4a   

Jan gs210103.mp3 gs210110.mp3 gs210117.mp3 gs210124.mp3

Due to our COVID-19 restriction:

We encourage all to join us via live-streaming church services at at Sun 10am & 5:30pm, Thur. 7:30pm.. Solid Rock Baptist Church is of like faith and practive and has tremendous resources available during these circumstances.  You may also connect with our son Shane Rice at Sun 11am & 6pm, Wed 7pm. 

Our Curtailed Service Messages are available in audio and a text:

April 26th Sunday Worship... Audio gs200426.mp3 ... Full Service Audio gs200426full.mp3  

   For Sunday Evening and Wed Evening Bible Studies please call, email or fb Pastor Ed Rice 315-521-3466

* * * * * * *

April 19th Sunday Worship... Audio gs200419.mp3 ... Writen gs200419.pdf  

    Senior Sunday School (from fb-group GSBC Adult Sunday School ) gs200419ss.mp3  

   April 19th Sunday PM Bible Study... Audio  gs200419pm.mp3  ... Writen gs200419pm.pdf  

       April 22nd Wednesday Midweek Prayer Meeting Audio gs200422.mp3 ... Writen gs200422.pdf   

* * * * * * *

Easter-... Audio gs200412.mp3   ... Writen gs200412.pdf  

    Senior Sunday School (from fb-group GSBC Adult Sunday School ) gs200412ss.mp3  

    Easter pm Bible Study-... Audio gs200412pm.mp3  ... Writen gs200412pm.pdf 

       April 15th Wednesday Midweek Prayer Meeting Audio gs200415.mp3 ... Writen gs200415.pdf 

* * * * * * *

April 5th Palm Sunday Worship... Audio gs200405.mp3 ... Writen gs200405.pdf 

    Senior Sunday School (from fb-group GSBC Adult Sunday School ) gs20405ss.mp3  

   April 5th Palm Sunday Bible Study... Audio  gs200405pm.mp3  ... Writen gs200405pm.pdf 

       April 8th Wednesday Midweek Prayer Meeting Audio gs200408.mp3 ... Writen gs200405.pdf 

* * * * * * *

March 29th Sunday Worship... Audio gs200329.mp3  ... Writen gs200329.pdf  

    Senior Sunday School (from fb-group GSBC Adult Sunday School ) gs200329ss.mp3  

    Sunday Evening Bible Study ... Audio gs200329pm.mp3  ... Writen gs200329pm.pdf 

      Mar 25th Wed Round Table Mtg ... Audio gs200325.mp3   ... Writen gs200325.pdf 

          April 1st Wed Prayer Service... Audio gs200401.mp3  ... Writen gs200401.pdf  

* * * * * * * * *

Mar 22nd Sunday Worship... Audio gs200322.mp3 ... Writen gs200322.pdf 

   Senior Sunday School (from fb-group GSBC Adult Sunday School ) gs200322ss.mp3  

   Sunday Evening Bible Study... Audio gs200322pm.mp3 ... Writen  gs200322pm.pdf

       Mar 18 Wed Prayer Service... Audio gs200318.mp3   ... Writen gs200318.pdf  

2020 Messages

Jan gs200105.mp3 gs200112.mp3 gs200119.mp3 gs200126.mp3

Feb gs200202.mp3 gs200209.mp3 gs200216.mp3 gs200223.mp3

Mar gs200301.mp3  gs200308.mp3 gs200315.mp3 gs200322.mp3 gs200329.mp3  

Apr Palm- gs200405.mp3 Easter- gs200412.mp3 gs200419.mp3 gs200426.mp3

Sunday Messages for 2019

January 2019 gs190106.mp3 gs190113.mp3 gs190120.mp3 gs190127.mp3

February 2019 gs190203.mp3 gs190210.mp3 gs190217.mp3 gs190224.mp3  

March 2019 gs190303.mp3 gs190310.mp3 gs190317.mp3 gs190324.mp3 + gs190331.mp3 

Missionaries gs190324thrun.mp3 gs190407pizzo.mp3 

April 2019 gs190407.mp3 + gs190414.mp3 gs190421.mp3 gs190428.mp3

May 2019 gs190501.mp3 gs190505.mp3 gs190512.mp3 gs190512pm.mp3 gs190519.mp3 gs190526.mp3  

June 2019 gs190602.mp3 gs190609.mp3 gs190616.mp3 gs190623.mp3 gs190630.mp3 

Revival Mtngs gs190602.mp3  gs190602pm.mp3  gs190603.mp3  gs190604.mp3  gs190605.mp3  gs190606.mp3 gs190607.mp3  

July 2019 gs190707.mp3 gs190714.mp3 gs190721.mp3 gs190728.mp3

August 2019 gs190804.mp3 gs190811.mp3 gs190818.mp3 gs190825.mp3

Revival Meetings gs190804.mp3 gs190804pm.mp3 gs190805.mp3 gs190806.mp3 gs190807.mp3 gs190808.mp3 gs190809.mp3  

September 2019 gs190901.mp3 gs190901pm.mp3  gs190908.mp3 gs190915.mp3 gs190922.mp3 gs190929.mp3

October 2019 gs191006.mp3 gs191013.mp3 gs191013pm.mp3  gs191014.mp3  gs191027.mp3

November 2019 gs191103.mp3 gs191103pm.mp3 gs191110.mp3 gs191117.mp3 gs191124.mp3  

December 2019 gs191201.mp3 gs191208.mp3 gs191215.mp3 gs191222.mp3 gs191229.mp3   

msgs in pdf

Sunday Messages for 2018
January gs180107.mp3 gs180114.mp3 gs180121.mp3 gs180128.mp3
Jan gs180107pm.mp3 gs180114pm.mp3 gs180121pm.mp3 gs180128pm.mp3
February gs180204.mp3 gs180211.mp3 gs180218.mp3 gs180225.mp3
Feb gs180204pm.mp3 gs180211pm.mp3 gs180218pm.mp3 gs180225pm.mp3
March gs180304.mp3 gs180311.mp3 gs180318.mp3 gs180325.mp3
Mar gs180304pm.mp3 gs180311pm.mp3 gs180318pm.mp3 gs180325pm.mp3
April gs180401.mp3 gs180408.mp3 gs180415.mp3 gs180422.mp3 gs180429.mp3
Apr gs180401pm.mp3 gs180408pm.mp3 gs180415pm.mp3 gs180422pm.mp3 gs180429pm.mp3
May gs180506.mp3 gs180513.mp3 gs180520.mp3 gs180527.mp3
May gs180506pm.mp3 gs180513pm.mp3 gs180520pm.mp3 gs180527pm.mp3
Revival Meetings gs180520.mp3  gs180520pm.mp3  gs180521.mp3  gs180522.mp3  
gs180523.mp3  gs180524.mp3  gs180525.mp3  
June gs180603.mp3 gs180610.mp3 gs180617.mp3  gs180624.mp3
Jun gs180603pm.mp3 gs180610pm.mp3 gs180617pm.mp3 gs180624pm.mp3
July gs180701.mp3 gs180708.mp3 gs180715.mp3 gs180722.mp3 gs180729.mp3
Jul gs180701pm.mp3 gs180708pm.mp3 gs180715pm.mp3 gs180722pm.mp3 gs180729pm.mp3
August gs180805.mp3 gs180812.mp3 gs180819.mp3 gs180826.mp3
Aug gs180805pm.mp3 gs180812pm.mp3 gs180819pm.mp3 gs180826pm.mp3
Aug Evang Patterson Revival gs180812.mp3
gs180812pm.mp3 gs180813.mp3 gs180814.mp3 gs180815.mp3 gs180816.mp3 gs180817.mp3
September gs180902.mp3 gs180909.mp3 gs180916.mp3 gs180923.mp3 gs180930.mp3
Sep gs180902pm.mp3 gs180909pm.mp3 gs180916pm.mp3 gs180923pm.mp3 gs180930pm.mp3
October gs181007.mp3 gs181014.mp3 gs181021.mp3 gs171022.mp3
Oct gs181007pm.mp3 gs181014pm.mp3 gs181021pm.mp3 gs181028pm.mp3
November gs181104.mp3 gs181111.mp3 gs181118.mp3 gs181125.mp3
Nov gs181104pm.mp3 gs181111pm.mp3 gs181118pm.mp3 gs181125pm.mp3
December gs181202.mp3 gs181209.mp3 gs181216.mp3 gs181223.mp3 gs181230.mp3
Dec gs181202pm.mp3 gs181209pm.mp3 gs181216pm.mp3 gs181223pm.mp3 gs181230pm.mp3

Sunday Messages for 2017

January: Msg #1701 Day One Relationship #1 gs170101.mp3  
Msg #1702 Abide IN Him  gs170108.mp3
Msg #1703 Nine Fruits of the Spirit  gs170115.mp3  
Msg #1704 Saturday's Woman's Rights March gs170122.mp3
Msg #1705 The Abider's Promise  gs170129.mp3  

February:Msg #1706 Spring Time and Love gs170205.mp3
Msg #1707 Holding Her Heart  gs170212.mp3
Msg #1708 What Every Christian Should Be  gs170219.mp3
Msg #1709 Your Praise And Worship Team  gs170226.mp3  

March: gs170305.mp3  gs170312.mp3  gs170319.mp3  gs170326.mp3 

April: gs170402.mp3 gs170409.mp3 gs170416.mp3 gs170423.mp3 gs170430.mp3  

May: gs170507.mp3 gs170514.mp3 gs170521.mp3 gs170528.mp3    

June: gs170604.mp3 gs170611.mp3 gs170618.mp3 gs170625.mp3  

July: gs170702.mp3 gs170709.mp3 gs170716.mp3 gs170723.mp3 gs170730.mp3  

August: gs170806.mp3 gs170813.mp3 gs170820.mp3 gs170827.mp3  

Revival with Evangelist Mike Patterson   gs170820.mp3 gs170820pm.mp3  gs170822.mp3 gs170823.mp3  gs170825.mp3

September: gs170903.mp3  gs170910.mp3 gs170917.mp3 gs170924.mp3  

October: gs171001.mp3 gs171008.mp3 gs171015.mp3 gs171022.mp3 gs171029.mp3  

November: gs171105.mp3 gs171112.mp3 gs171119.mp3 gs171126.mp3  
Nov pm:  gs171105pm.mp3 gs171112pm.mp3 gs171119pm.mp3 gs171126pm.mp3  

Decmber: gs171203.mp3 gs171210.mp3 gs171217.mp3 gs171224.mp3 gs171231.mp3  
Dec pm: gs171203pm.mp3 gs171210pm.mp3 gs171217pm.mp3 gs171224pm.mp3 gs171231pm.mp3  

Good Samaritan Baptist Church
Sunday Messages for 2016

JANUARY:  gs160103.mp3   gs160110.mp3  gs160117.mp3  gs160124.mp3  gs160131.mp3  
FEBRUARY:  gs160207.mp3   gs160214.mp3  gs160221.mp3  gs160228.mp3  
MARCH: gs160306.mp3 gs160313.mp3  gs160320.mp3  gs160327.mp3
IBPF Meeting  ibpf160321a.mp3  ibpf160321b.mp3  ibpf160322a.mp3  ibpf160322b.mp3  ibpf160322c.mp3  ibpf160322d.mp3  
APRIL: gs160403.mp3  gs160410.mp3  gs160417Missionary  gs160424Missionary  
MAY:  gs160501.mp3  gs160508.mp3  gs160515.mp3  gs160522.mp3  gs160529.mp3
JUNE:  gs160605Missionary  gs160612Evangelist  gs160619.mp3  gs160626.mp3  
Evangelist Cliff Bennett gs160612.mp3 gs160612pm.mp3  gs160613.mp3  gs160614.mp3  gs160615.mp3  gs160616.mp3  gs160617.mp3  
JULY:  gs160703.mp3    gs160703pm.mp3   gs160710.mp3  gs160717.mp3  gs160717pm.mp3 gs160724.mp3  gs160731.mp3  
AUGUST:  gs160807.mp3  gs160814.mp3  gs160821.mp3  gs160828.mp3
Evang. Mike Patterson Revival Mtgs   gs160814.mp3   gs160815.mp3   gs160816.mp3   gs160817.mp3   gs160818.mp3   gs160819.mp3  
SEPTEMBER:  gs160904.mp3  gs160911.mp3  gs160918.mp3  gs160925.mp3
OCTOBER:  gs161002.mp3  gs161009.mp3  gs161016.mp3  gs161023.mp3  gs161030.mp3
NOVEMBER:  gs161106.mp3  gs161113.mp3 IBPFgs161115.mp3  gs161120.mp3  gs161127.mp3  
DECEMBER: gs161204.mp3  gs161211.mp3  gs161218.mp3  gs161225.mp3
Sunday Messages for 2015
(+ Archived  Msgs for 2014  +YouthAplaze2008 )
JANUARY:  gs150104.mp3   gs150111.mp3  gs150118.mp3  gs150125.mp3  
FEBRUARY:  gs150201.mp3   gs150208.mp3  gs150215.mp3  gs150222.mp3  
MARCH:  gs150301.mp3   gs150308.mp3  gs150315.mp3  gs150322.mp3    gs150329.mp3  
APRIL:  gs150405.mp3   gs150412.mp3  gs150419.mp3  gs150426.mp3   
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Revival MAY 17-22 Evangelist Cliff Bennett:  gs150517am.mp3   gs150517pm.mp3  gs150518.mp3  gs150519.mp3    gs150520.mp3   gs150521.mp3   gs150522.mp3  
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Revival Aug 16-21  gs150816.mp3   gs150816pm.mp3   gs150817pm.mp3  gs150818pm.mp3    gs150819pm.mp3   gs150820pm.mp3   gs150821pm.mp3 
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18th Annual Hunt For The Last October Bible Prophecy Conference
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