Good Samaritan Baptist Church
Sunday Messages for 2017

January: Msg #1701 Day One Relationship #1 gs170101.mp3  
Msg #1702 Abide IN Him  gs170108.mp3
Msg #1703 Nine Fruits of the Spirit  gs170115.mp3  
Msg #1704 Saturday's Woman's Rights March gs170122.mp3
Msg #1705 The Abider's Promise  gs170129.mp3  

February:Msg #1706 Spring Time and Love gs170205.mp3
Msg #1707 Holding Her Heart  gs170212.mp3
Msg #1708 What Every Christian Should Be  gs170219.mp3
Msg #1709 Your Praise And Worship Team  gs170226.mp3  

March: gs170305.mp3  gs170312.mp3  gs170319.mp3  gs170326.mp3 

April: gs170402.mp3 gs170409.mp3 gs170416.mp3 gs170423.mp3 gs170430.mp3  

May: gs170507.mp3 gs170514.mp3 gs170521.mp3 gs170528.mp3    

June: gs170604.mp3 gs170611.mp3 gs170618.mp3 gs170625.mp3  

July: gs170702.mp3 gs170709.mp3 gs170716.mp3 gs170723.mp3 gs170730.mp3  

August: gs170806.mp3 gs170813.mp3 gs170820.mp3 gs170827.mp3  

Revival with Evangelist Mike Patterson   gs170820.mp3 gs170820pm.mp3  gs170822.mp3 gs170823.mp3  gs170825.mp3

September: gs170903.mp3  gs170910.mp3 gs170917.mp3 gs170924.mp3  

October: gs171001.mp3 gs171008.mp3 gs171015.mp3 gs171022.mp3 gs171029.mp3  

November: gs171105.mp3 gs171112.mp3 gs171119.mp3 gs171126.mp3  

Nov pm:  gs171105pm.mp3 gs171112pm.mp3 gs171119pm.mp3 gs171126pm.mp3  

Decmber: gs171203.mp3 gs171210.mp3 gs171217.mp3 gs171224.mp3 gs171231.mp3  

Dec pm: gs171203pm.mp3 gs171210pm.mp3 gs171217pm.mp3 gs171224pm.mp3 gs171231pm.mp3  

Good Samaritan Baptist Church
Sunday Messages for 2016

JANUARY:  gs160103.mp3   gs160110.mp3  gs160117.mp3  gs160124.mp3  gs160131.mp3  

FEBRUARY:  gs160207.mp3   gs160214.mp3  gs160221.mp3  gs160228.mp3  

MARCH: gs160306.mp3 gs160313.mp3  gs160320.mp3  gs160327.mp3

IBPF Meeting  ibpf160321a.mp3  ibpf160321b.mp3  ibpf160322a.mp3  ibpf160322b.mp3  ibpf160322c.mp3  ibpf160322d.mp3  

APRIL: gs160403.mp3  gs160410.mp3  gs160417Missionary  gs160424Missionary  

MAY:  gs160501.mp3  gs160508.mp3  gs160515.mp3  gs160522.mp3  gs160529.mp3

JUNE:  gs160605Missionary  gs160612Evangelist  gs160619.mp3  gs160626.mp3  

Evangelist Cliff Bennett gs160612.mp3 gs160612pm.mp3  gs160613.mp3  gs160614.mp3  gs160615.mp3  gs160616.mp3  gs160617.mp3  

JULY:  gs160703.mp3    gs160703pm.mp3   gs160710.mp3  gs160717.mp3  gs160717pm.mp3 gs160724.mp3  gs160731.mp3  

AUGUST:  gs160807.mp3  gs160814.mp3  gs160821.mp3  gs160828.mp3

Evang. Mike Patterson Revival Mtgs   gs160814.mp3   gs160815.mp3   gs160816.mp3   gs160817.mp3   gs160818.mp3   gs160819.mp3  

SEPTEMBER:  gs160904.mp3  gs160911.mp3  gs160918.mp3  gs160925.mp3

OCTOBER:  gs161002.mp3  gs161009.mp3  gs161016.mp3  gs161023.mp3  gs161030.mp3

NOVEMBER:  gs161106.mp3  gs161113.mp3 IBPFgs161115.mp3  gs161120.mp3  gs161127.mp3  

DECEMBER: gs161204.mp3  gs161211.mp3  gs161218.mp3  gs161225.mp3

Sunday Messages for 2015

(+ Archived  Msgs for 2014  +YouthAplaze2008 )

JANUARY:  gs150104.mp3   gs150111.mp3  gs150118.mp3  gs150125.mp3  

FEBRUARY:  gs150201.mp3   gs150208.mp3  gs150215.mp3  gs150222.mp3  

MARCH:  gs150301.mp3   gs150308.mp3  gs150315.mp3  gs150322.mp3    gs150329.mp3  

APRIL:  gs150405.mp3   gs150412.mp3  gs150419.mp3  gs150426.mp3   

MAY:  gs150503.mp3   gs150510.mp3  gs150517.mp3  gs150524.mp3    gs150531.mp3  

Revival MAY 17-22 Evangelist Cliff Bennett:  gs150517am.mp3   gs150517pm.mp3  gs150518.mp3  gs150519.mp3    gs150520.mp3   gs150521.mp3   gs150522.mp3  

JUNE:  gs150607.mp3  gs150614.mp3  gs150621.mp3  gs150628.mp3 

JULY:  gs150705.mp3   gs150712.mp3  gs150719.mp3  gs150726.mp3  

AUGUST:  gs150802.mp3  gs150809.mp3  gs150816.mp3  gs150823.mp3  gs150830.mp3   

Revival Aug 16-21  gs150816.mp3   gs150816pm.mp3   gs150817pm.mp3  gs150818pm.mp3    gs150819pm.mp3   gs150820pm.mp3   gs150821pm.mp3 

SETEMBER:  gs150906.mp3   gs150913.mp3  gs150920.mp3  gs150927.mp3  

18th Annual Hunt For The Last October Bible Prophecy Conference

OCTOBER:  gs151004.mp3  gs151004pm.mp3   gs151004wed.mp3   gs151011.mp3  gs151011pm.mp3   gs151011wed.mp3     gs151018.mp3   gs151018pm.mp3    gs151018wed.mp3   gs151025.mp3   gs151025pm.mp3   gs151025wed.mp3  

NOVEMBER:  gs151101.mp3   gs151108.mp3  gs151115.mp3  gs151122.mp3   gs151129.mp3  

DECEMBER:  gs151206.mp3   gs151213.mp3  gs151220.mp3  gs151227.mp3