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 2011 Schedule
Sunday, February 6: Liberty Baptist Church, Trenton, Missouri
Sunday through Wednesday, March 6-9: Norfolk Baptist Church, Norfolk, Nebraska
Sunday through Wednesday, April 10-13: First Baptist Church, Mexico, NY
Sunday through Friday, April 24-29: Antrim Faith Baptist Church, Waynesboro, PA
Sunday, May 15: West Jackson Baptist Church, Millerton, PA
Sunday through Wednesday, May 22-25: Friendship Baptist Church, Rome, NY
Sunday through Wednesday, May 29-June 1: Bible Baptist Community Church, Port Leyden, NY
June 12-17: Revival/Missions Conference: Good Samaritan Baptist, Dresden, NY
Thursday through Sunday, June 23-26: Calvary Bible Church, Grieg, NY
July 10: Tabernacle Baptist, Bloomfield, IA
July 17: Tabernacle Baptidt, Bloomfield, IA
September 4-7: Seneca Bible Baptist Church, Seneca Falls, NY.
September 18-23: Calvary Baptist, Batavia, IA
February 5-8: Liberty Baptist, Trenton, MO
March 4-7: Norfolk Baptist, Norfolk, NE
April 8-13: Waynesboro, PA
May 6-9: First Baptist, Mexico, NY
June 3-6: Palmyra Bible Baptist, Palmyra, NY
June 10-15: Dresden, NY
July 15-20: Bible Baptist, Ogdensburg, NY
October 21-24: Faith Baptist, Cushing, OK

 2010 Schedule:
January 3: Sunday morning: Lighthouse Baptist, Cape  Girardeau,  MO
January 3: Sunday evening: Emmanuel Baptist, Dexter, MO
January 10: Liberty Baptist, Trenton, MO
February 3: Sunday morning: New Testament Baptist, Spirit Lake, IA
Feb. 21: Mark Baptist Church, Bloomfield, IA
March 7-10: Revival: Norfolk Baptist, Norfolk, NE
March 21-26: Revival: Harvest Baptist, Milbrook, AL
April 4-9: Revival: Antrim Faith Baptist, Waynesboro, PA
April 25-28: Revival: First Baptist, Mexico, NY
May 2-5: Lighthouse Baptist Church, Stanwood, IA.
June 6-9: Revival: Palmyra Bible Baptist, Palmyra, NY
June 13-18: Revival/Missions Conference: Good Samaritan Baptist, Dresden, NY
June 20-23: Revival: Seneca Bible Baptist, Seneca Falls, NY
June 27: Bible Baptist, Plattsburgh, NY
July 4-7: Revival: Community Bible Baptist, Port Leyden, NY
July 8-11: Revival: Calvary Bible, Grieg, NY
Sunday, August 15: New Haven Baptist Church, Crete, Nebraska
Sunday, September 12: Faith Independent Baptist Church, Vinton, Iowa
Sunday through Friday, September 19-24: Calvary Baptist Church, Batavia, Iowa
Sunday through Wednesday, October 17-20: Faith Baptist Church, Cushing, Oklahoma
November 7: Bible Baptist, Fredonia, KS
November 14-17: Revival: Faith Baptist, Poplar Bluff, MO

Evangelist Cliff Bennett 1316 East Mary Street, Ottumwa, IA 52501
Phone: 641-682-1905  Cell: 641-680-0302  Web Site:
Sending Church: Calvary Baptist Church- Pastor Tom Shipley, 1st and Washington, Batavia, IA
Dear Friends, 
     The weather has started to get cooler, which is certainly refreshing, although I, like so many, am not looking forward to winter.  I pray the hot summer we had is no indication of how our winter will be. 
     These last few months have been plagued with car trouble.  Seals in the rear end had to be replaced; the transmission had to be flushed; the fuel pump had to be replaced; the ball joints had to be replaced; and a tie rod had to be replaced.  During my last trip to New York the alternator stopped alternating and left me stranded along side a busy highway, but thanks be to God I have some good friends who came to my rescue, but the rebuilt alternator cost $176.00.  One good thought might be that the Mercury has 145,000 miles on it, and with these repairs we may get 200,000 miles before it is done. 
     Praise God for the great time we had at Seneca Bible Baptist Church, Pastor Terry Fenton, Seneca Falls, New York.  September is their Missions Month and I had the honor to get the month started on September 4.  In Sunday school I taught on "Seven Principles of Giving."  Sunday morning I preached from                  1 Corinthians 15:1-4, "Declaring the Gospel," and during the invitation a young man came for salvation, and a lady came for assurance.  Praise the Lord!  In the Sunday evening service I preached from 1 Corinthians 4:1-2, "Stewards." 
     September 11, I was with Truth Baptist Church, Pastor Bill Block, Steubenville, Ohio.  An unusual thing happened after I taught a lesson on the church in Sunday school: Bro. Block asked me to preach a modified version of the same message during the morning service.  So, I did, and God blessed with many to the altar.  Sunday evening I preached on the rapture, and several responded by coming to the altar. 
     I left after the evening service and drove through the night to get home.  Night driving seems to be less stressful, especially when you go through some of the bigger cities like Columbus and Indianapolis.  Praise God it was a breeze driving through them this time. 
     My wife, Connie, is teaching again this year at Ottumwa Christian School.  While she was preparing her class room she fell from a step stool and hit her head on a TV cart.  Fortunately she did not get injured too badly, but it put a nasty gash on her ear.  Please pray for her. 
     Our youngest son, Andy, turned 18 on September 9.  This is his senior year at school, and he is looking forward to graduation.  As of yet he has no plans for the future. 
     To all our supporting churches we say, "Thank you!"  Praise God for your financial, as well as your prayer support. 
     God bless!  
Keep living for Jesus,
Bro. Cliff Bennett

Evangelist Cliff Bennett
1316 East Mary Street # 1, Ottumwa, Iowa 52501
Phone: 641-682-1905, Cell: 641-680-0302, Web Site: 
Sending and Home Church: Calvary Baptist Church, Pastor Tom Shipley, 1st and Washington, Batavia, Iowa 52533
 June 2011
 Dear Friends,
    I pray as this letter goes forth that all is well with you and yours.  I know that we are living in very trying times and the old devil is taking his pot shots at any and all who are truly on the firing line for Jesus.
    Our meetings have been blessed in a very unusual moving of God's Spirit. I have been very ill this last month, but have continued to preach, and the Holy Spirit has taken over. I like what my pastor said, "It's good when you're sick because you can't do it in your strength. Then you know it's God working!" (Maybe not exact quote but close.)
   I closed out April by preaching our annual Easter Revival at Antrim Faith Baptist Church, Pastor Herb Busick, Waynesboro, PA.  God blessed there every night!  After the Friday night service I had to leave for Iowa, because on Sunday, May 1, I was with Lighthouse Baptist Church, Pastor Randy Kruse, Stanwood, IA.  Bro. Kruse asked me to open their Bread of Life Conference. God blessed with many prayers going up at the altar. After wards I had a few days off to catch up. Sunday, May 15, I was with an old friend, Pastor Harold Burrell, West Jackson Baptist Church, Millerton, PA, for their Sunday morning services, and for the evening service Bro. Burrell got me a meeting with his home church, Central Baptist Church, Pastor Ronald Aebersold, Corning, NY. At this time I was so sick I could barely talk, but God was good and the Spirit moved in and almost the whole church came forward for prayer at the altar call.
    While I was in Corning, NY, Bro. Burrell allowed me to stay in his parent's home, and I had a chance to rest and try to get over this bug. From there I went to Friendship Baptist Church, Pastor Jeff Carpenter, Rome, NY, for their Spring Revival, May 22-25. 
We had a time. I was feeling some better, but my voice was still not very good, but God moved in and many were at the altar every night. And a young lady was saved!  
    Bro. Carpenter's dear wife, Denise, is not doing well. She has cancer and her time on earth is short, but she was such an inspiration to me as she was at EVERY service, and it wasn't because she was the Pastor's wife, it was because she loves the Lord!  Think about the excuses Christians come up with and we have our health! Shame on us!
    My meeting with Pastor Pete Egnew, in Port Leyden, NY, was moved to June 26-29, so I could go home and see a doctor. Which I did, and have been through two series of medicines, and still do not feel 100%.
    June 5-10, I was with Midway Calvary Baptist Church, Pastor Harold Baker, Bloomfield, IA. This church is very close to home, so it gave me a chance to slow down and get better. We had a good time with the Spirit of God moving in the services and folks making their way to that old fashioned altar. Now we are in Dresden, NY, Good Samaritan Baptist Church, Pastor Ed Rice.  These folks are such a blessing! I praise God for them and their dedication. God has been good this week of services, and folks are responding.
    Please keep us in your prayers as we travel, and as we stay on the firing line for Jesus.
Keep living for Jesus,
Bro. Cliff Bennett
The Calvary Crier Newsletter
Evangelist Cliff Bennett
 1316 East Mary Street #1, Ottumwa, Iowa 52501
Home Phone: 641-682-1905  Cell Phone: 641-680-0302  Email:
April/May 2011 
Dear Friends,
    We have had a GREAT month!  God is so good.  I am so thankful for His abundant blessings.  I pray that you too are rejoicing in the Lord today.
    On Sunday, April 3rd I had the unique opportunity to baptize my grandson, Caleb, in our home church, Calvary Baptist Church, Batavia, IA.  Caleb is 8 and has made his public profession of faith.  After questioning him the Pastor asked, "Jesus is your?"  To that Caleb answered, "Savior!"  Praise God!  He is my Savior too!
   From there I headed to New York, and started a meeting at the First Baptist Church of Mexico, NY, Pastor Bill O'Neil, on April10 through the 13Th.  We had a good time in the Lord, and many folks responded to the preaching and made various decisions at the altar. 
   The next Sunday, the 17Th, I had no meeting scheduled, so I called a couple of friends and they graciously opened up their pulpits to me.  So on Sunday morning April 17Th I preached for Pastor Ed Rice, Good Samaritan Baptist Church in Dresden, NY.  Dresden is the birthplace of the famous infidel Robert Ingersol.  Then on Sunday evening I preached at Palmyra Bible Baptist Church, Palmyra, NY, Pastor Dick Brasser.  Palmyra is the birthplace of Mormonism.  So in one Sunday I preached at the two place responsible for much deception on this earth, but praise God He has His chosen few in these places too!
    Thank you goes out to the church in Palmyra for their sacrificial love offering of $600.00! Praise God for the unexpected blessing!
   Now I am with Pastor Herb Busick, Antrim Faith Baptist Church, Waynesboro, PA, for their annual Easter Revival.  We are having a great time, and God is blessing each service in a special way.
   Thank you to all those who support us financially.  We really do appreciate you!  God bless!
   Until next time:
Keep living for Jesus,
Bro. Cliff Bennett

Evangelist Cliff Bennett
1316 East Mary Street, Ottumwa, Iowa 52501
Phone: 641-682-1905  Cell: 641-680-0302  Email:
December 2010
 Dear Friends,
    We are heading into our slowest time of the year, yet this is such a great time of the year. I pray each of you have a very blessed Christmas, and an equally blessed New Year!  3 John 2, "Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth."
    I want to thank the churches who have been so faithful with their financial support.  I know that for some of these churches it is a real sacrifice, and I am honored that you have thought my ministry worthy of such sacrifice.  Thank you!  God will richly bless you!  I know this because I know He will always keep His word.  In Philippians 4:15-19, Paul commends the Philippian Church for their sacrificial giving to his ministry.  In verse 19 he says, "But my God SHALL supply ALL your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus."  Your sacrifice will be rewarded as well.
    My next meeting is January 2, with a "starting the New Year right" Sunday at Faith Baptist Church, Spokane, Missouri.  On January 9, we will be with the folks at the Mark Baptist Church, Bloomfield, Iowa.  Pray that God will bless, and we will see the moving of His Spirit in these services.
    The whole family has been down with various viruses that last few weeks, so I ask that you will pray for our health.
    Our Christian school had its Christmas program on Thursday, Dec. 9.  We enjoyed it very much, but we were somewhat biased since our son, Andy wrote and directed the program.  What a blessing!  It turned out very well, and there were those who were so kind as to say "It was the best one they had been to." I don't know if that is really true, but it was good.
    God bless each of you!  Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Keep living for Jesus,
Bro. Cliff Bennett

The Bennets
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