Ascribing the King James Bible as the only uncorrupted English Bible.
Believing the Pre-Millennial Return of Christ and the Pre-Tribulation Rapture of His Church
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MAY 16, 17 Friendship Baptist Church, 4964 Rome-New London Rd, Rome, NY 13440  Pastor Jeff Carpenter 315-336-2963 office(at)

JULY 18, 19 First Baptist Church 4369 Church St Mexico NY 13114  Pastor Bill O'Neil (315) 963-7162 woneil(at)

SEPT 19, 20 Bethel Independent Baptist Church, 2215 Atwater Rd. Box 241, Kings Ferry, NY 13081  Pastor Malcolm LiGreci (315) 730-2597 BroMalcolm(at)

NOV 14, 15 Grace Baptist Church, 6877 E. William St. Ext., Bath, NY 14810  Pastor James Hall  607-776-4640


JAN 16, 17 Open _________________________________________

March 20, 21 Open _______________________________________

May 15, 16 (or 22,23) ____________________________________

July 17, 18 _____________________________________________

Sep 18, 19 _____________________________________________

Nov 20,21 _____________________________________________

To host a Pastor Fellowship, See GUIDELINES FOR MEETINGS and then contact Pastor Ed Rice, Good Samaritan Baptist Church, cell 315-521-3466   Pastor-Rice(att)GSBaptistChurch(dot)com  home (607) 292-6639

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Pastor Edward Rice UIBPF Chairman
c/o Good Samaritan Baptist Church
54 Main St. Box 99, Dresden NY 144441

Dear Independent Baptist Pastor,

I am intent on spearheading a revival of the Upstate New York Independent Baptist Pastor Fellowship (UIBPF). In these last of the last days Independent, Fundamental, KJVonly, Bible-believing, Baptist Pastors, believing the Premillennial-Return-of-Christ with a Pretribulation-Rapture of his church, need fellowship. There are not that many fellows in this ship and you are invited.

I have been involved in the old IBPF since 1990 and point out four drawbacks that have lead to its current demise. There needs to be 1) a chairman, 2) a firmed up bimonthly schedule, 3) a renewed emphasis on Pastors, and 4) some guidelines which govern the fellowship meetings. I wish to resolve all four drawbacks.

I am using MailChimp to track members and notify all of them of upcoming meetings. You can update your Church information settings, check for upcoming meetings, and view the membership at the website (The “p” stands for Pastor). Postcards will be sent to the membership announcing the bimonthly meetings.

Some guidelines for the meetings are attached to this letter and on the website. Anyone wishing to host a meeting needs to review the guidelines and contact me. I will need enough information to post your notice and send postcards to members.

Thank you for your help in getting a working Upstate Independent Baptist Pastor Fellowship working effectively.

UIBPF Chairman

Pastor Edward Rice